Smart water Leak sensor, Water leak detector, Mobile Phone alert

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  • Real-time Alerts: Connect the gateway to WiFi, and it will instantly send emails, App notifications & alerts to your phone when water leakage occurs even you're not at home. Water sensors and gateway are paired right out of the box. Note: only support 2.4G WiFi, not support 5G WiFi.
  • Loud Alarm with Mute: If WiFi is not temporarily available, our 100dB alarm is loud enough to be heard. Press the Mute button to silence the alarm when you find the leak.
  • Drip and Leak Alerts: Water sensor comes with 2 groups of back water detector probes & 1 group of front probes for pipe dripping detection. Use the App to name each sensor with its location.
  • Connects to Multiple Sensors: WiFi connection gateway has a stronger and more stable signal transmission & lets you connect with multiple sensors simultaneously (10 max).Remember to upgrade your latest firmware on Smart Life App when updates become available.
  • IP66 Waterproof: The completely sealed IP66 waterproof design allows for extended use in high moisture areas
  • Smoke Alarm: Loud 85 decibel alarm. Electrochemical sensor . 
  • Low battery Indicator: One chirp every 30 seconds is an indication that the battery is low(need replacement).
  • Easy to install: Optimal ceiling placement enhances the speaker’s acoustic quality; make installation fast and easy by using the included AC adapter plugs to replace your existing hardwire alarms without rewiring
  • No Wires, No Worries: Self-powered and wireless, just install the Smoke/CO Alarm where it is needed: Each bedroom, area outside bedrooms, electric/mechanical closet, garage, attic, etc.

CurtZee Smart Smoke Detector

CurtZee smart smoke detector in Pakistan is the best quality smoke detector available with one year local warranty. Easy-to-install, wireless, battery-powered CurtZee Smoke Detector Alarm helps protect your home and family from potential dangers. Alert you on mobile and sound Alarm. Smoke detector includes a photoelectric smoke-sensing chamber and 85-decibel horn

Tune your smart light bulb to Warm White (2500K) or natural White (4000K)or Day light (6500K) Adjust the brightness of your smart bulb through Smart Life App.


Phone Alert App Silence   Set Schedule
CurtZee-smart-light-bulb-control-from-any-where-Pakistan Alexa-smart-light-bulb-in-Pakistan group-control-lights-with-smart-lift-app-pakistan schedule-smart-bulb
CurtZee smoke detector can send you a message when there’s a problem or if the batteries are running low. With App Silence, you can hush the alarm on the Nest app if everything’s under control. Combine CurtZee smart bulbs into a group to convert your home lighting system into smart lighting. Automate your smart bulb to follow your daily schedule and preferences.

Technical Specifications: Smart Smoke Detector

Model CZHZ0014
Power:   1 CR123A Lithium battery (3V DC) 
Current Draw:  8.2uA (standby), <60mA (working) 
 Battery Life:  10 years
Low Battery Threshold:  2.5±0.1V 
Sound Level:  85 dB 
Sensitivity:  1.07% to 2.64%/FT.OB 
Alarm Mode:   Audible (Piezo) & Visible (LED) 
CO Alarm Response Times:  PM: 70 – Time Until Alarm: 60-240 minutes
PPM: 150 – Time Until Alarm: 10-50 minutes
PPM: 400 – Time Until Alarm: 4-15 minutes 
Operating Temperature Range:  32℉ – 122℉ (0℃ – 50℃) (Common) 
Operating Humidity Range:   5-95% RH (non-condensing) 
Indoor usage  Intended for indoor use only 
Operating Temperature Range:  32℉ – 122℉ (0℃ – 50℃) (Common) 
Gross Weight: 0.295KG 
Product Size: :  135mm*35mm 
Warranty  1 Year
Batteries Required Yes
Batteries Included Yes
Hub Required Yes
Hub Type ZigBee 
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